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A team of clinicians, academic clinicians, and non-clinical academics doing great things together.

Our interests include crowd-sourcing patient-level data; surgical trials in low resource settings; mobile data collection platforms and “wearables”; automated data processing and display; natural language processing/sentiment analysis; decision modelling; Bayesian statistics; administrative data analysis; and patient reported outcomes.


The University of Edinburgh (College of Medicine and Veterinary Medicine):

Centre for Medical Informatics, Usher Institute and Clinical Surgery, Division of Health Sciences


Everything in a theatre


Ewen Harrison
Ewen HarrisonGroup Lead
Ewen is a Senior Lecturer in General Surgery at the University of Edinburgh and a Consultant HPB / Transplant Surgeon. A gadget-head who prefers writing code to writing emails.
Katie Shaw
Katie ShawResearch Manager
Katie is an academic researcher by background and now the Research Manager for the Surgical Informatics group. Keeps the group’s many activities and projects running smoothly.
Riinu Ots
Riinu OtsData Manager
Riinu is a data scientist whose responsibilities range from system administration to advanced statistical analyses and everything in-between (teaching, project management, dashboards).
Roseline Antai
Roseline AntaiResearch Assistant
Roseline is a Computer Scientist who is very passionate about research and exploring innovative ways to utilize data for deriving valuable insights to drive decision making.
Tom Drake
Tom DrakeResearch Fellow
Tom is an academic foundation doctor who plays with computers and is an outdoors fan. Research in Global Health | Cancer and Transplant Surgery. Editor in Cochrane Nordic.
Kenneth McLean
Kenneth McLeanResearch Fellow
Kenneth is an academic foundation doctor who is interested in Surgery, Epidemiology and Medical Education. STARGSurg Steering Group (https://starsurg.org/).
Cameron Fairfield
Cameron FairfieldResearch Fellow
Cameron is a Clinical Research Fellow who has joined the team after his foundation training. He prefers working with big data to staring down a microscope. He also enjoys the outdoors.
Stephen Knight
Stephen KnightResearch Fellow
Steve is a general surgical registrar and NIHR Clinical Research Fellow who is undertaking a PhD based in Global Surgery and big data with the team. Research interests also include HPB and transplant surgery.