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A team of clinicians, academic clinicians, and non-clinical academics doing great things together.

Our interests include crowd-sourcing patient-level data; surgical trials in low resource settings; mobile data collection platforms and “wearables”; automated data processing and display; natural language processing/sentiment analysis; decision modelling; Bayesian statistics; administrative data analysis; and patient reported outcomes.

Affiliation: Clinical Surgery, Division of Health Sciences, College of Medicine and Veterinary Medicine, The University of Edinburgh: http://www.ed.ac.uk/surgery


Everything in a theatre


Ewen Harrison
Ewen HarrisonGroup Lead
Ewen is a Senior Lecturer in General Surgery at the University of Edinburgh and a Consultant HPB / Transplant Surgeon. A gadget-head who prefers writing code to writing emails.
Katie Shaw
Katie ShawResearch Manager
Riinu Ots
Riinu OtsData Manager
A data scientist whose responsibilities range from system administration to advanced statistical analyses and everything in-between (teaching, project management, dashboards).
Tom Drake
Tom DrakeResearch Fellow
Academic Doctor who plays with computers and outdoors fan. Research in Global Health | Cancer and Transplant Surgery. Editor in Cochrane Nordic.
Kenneth McLean
Kenneth McLeanResearch Fellow
Academic Foundation Doctor who is interested in Surgery, Epidemiology and Medical Education. STARGSurg Steering Group (https://starsurg.org/).