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My data science toolbox

I’ve been doing data science for over 10 years now. Of course, most of this time I didn’t realise I was doing data science. I thought I was just [...]

Islay distilleries in 3 days

Day 0 (Sunday 18-February 2018) Left Edinburgh at 8am for a 1pm ferry Kennacraig to Port Askaig (Islay). Edinburgh-Kennacraig should be a 3.5h drive (and it was), but we [...]

Converting old WordPress posts to Hugo

Between 2014-2018 I published 29 posts on riinudata.wordpress.com. Today I’m converting all of those to my new website powered by blogdown-Hugo. Step 1 Read the Migration: From Wordpress chapter [...]

Hello world: blogdown loves Hugo

We are live! I wrote my last blog post on Wordpress on 20-October 2017 and promised myself this was the last time. I’ve been blogging on Wordpress since 2014 [...]

Your first Shiny app

What is Shiny? Shiny is an R package (install.packages("shiny")) for making your outputs interactive. Furthermore, Shiny creates web apps meaning your work can be shared online with people who [...]

R: Replacing NAs in all factors with 'Missing'

With a simple combination of mutate_if and fct_explicit_na,you can replace all NAs in all factors with “Missing”: dplyr reference: http://dplyr.tidyverse.org/reference forcats reference: http://dplyr.tidyverse.org/reference Source: RBlog