My data science toolbox

I’ve been doing data science for over 10 years now. Of course, most of this time I didn’t realise I was doing data science. I thought I was just [...]

Finalfit now in CRAN

Your favourite package for getting model outputs directly into publication ready tables is now available on CRAN. They make you work for it! Thank you to all that helped. [...]

Install github package on safe haven server

I’ve had few enquires about how to install the summarizer package on a server without internet access, such as the NHS Safe Havens. Upload from here to server. [...]

Islay distilleries in 3 days

Day 0 (Sunday 18-February 2018) Left Edinburgh at 8am for a 1pm ferry Kennacraig to Port Askaig (Islay). Edinburgh-Kennacraig should be a 3.5h drive (and it was), but we [...]

Converting old WordPress posts to Hugo

Between 2014-2018 I published 29 posts on Today I’m converting all of those to my new website powered by blogdown-Hugo. Step 1 Read the Migration: From Wordpress chapter [...]

Hello world: blogdown loves Hugo

We are live! I wrote my last blog post on Wordpress on 20-October 2017 and promised myself this was the last time. I’ve been blogging on Wordpress since 2014 [...]

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