Ewen is very proud of finalfit and acts like he’s programmed the Apollo 11 guidance computer. It’s actually pretty good for healthcare data analysis and forms the core of our current analysis workflow.

It is well-documented, supports all our basic modelling (Ed. – except Poisson regression Ewen) and contains a number of super handy functions which are covered in the blog. Best of all, it allows us to export publication-ready results tables directly from RStudio, something which has greatly speeded up our workflow, and allows us to include more data in publications. 


Riinu runs ShinyStats, a series of web-based interactive applications created with (of course) R and Shiny.

Data is provided to interact with, allowing a deep understanding of important statistical concepts, including t-tests, chi-squared tests, and statistical power. We love it.


Many of our projects involve getting doctors, nurses, and medical students to collect data on the patients they are looking after. We want to involve many of them in data analysis, without the requirement for coding experience or access to statistical software. To achieve this we have built Shinyfit, a shiny app for linear, logistic, and Cox PH regression.

This allows access to model fitting without requirement for statistical software or coding experience.

It is aimed at those sharing datasets in context of collaborative research or teaching.


Encryptr was developed by Cameron and Ewen. It is a package that provides functions to simply encrypt and decrypt columns of data in R. The motivation for this is around the sensitive healthcare data we work with daily.

It has probably had more impact on Twitter than anything else we have done 🙂

The package wraps openssl and is intended to be safe and straightforward for non-experts. Strong RSA (2048 bit) encryption using a public/private key pair is used.

Transplant Benefit webapp

Ewen made our first production-level shinydashboard app,

In the UK, liver transplantation allocation is now determined using the transplant benefit score. The app allows calculation of this score, together with a number of other scores.

It includes PDF downloads, retina-images, full google analytics and an as-yet-unreleased simulation module. More blog posts to come on this.